5 Inch Abrasive T Type Concrete Diamond Stone Grinding Cup Wheel Grinding Stone Wheel JD1-1-21

Commonly used for grinding, polishing and leveling concrete, granite, quartz stone, artificial stone, various ceramics

Products Details

T-type concrete diamond grinding cup wheel Cyclone design is easy for dust removal and cooling; Designed for application from soft to abrasive concrete and other masonry material. This cup wheel provides very fast grinding on concrete and other masonry materials. Z type Cyclone Concrete gringding cup wheel is light weight design to provide fast grinding speed; It is equiped on the hand-held angle grinders; Cyclone design is easy for dust removal and cooling; Full range of bond types and diamond grit sizes are available.1. Very Good Abrasion Resistance 2. High grinding efficiency 3. Least Resistance to Damage 4. Chemical Stability 5. Customized design is available 6. Heat and Wear Resistance

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